Finished Editing

Alright. The film has been finished and is currently being exported and will soon be burnt onto DVDs. The editing did not take as long as a feared. Now this might be because i haven’t done it very well, but I am happy with the result.  Due to the size of the film it would not go on vimeo, so I have put it on youtube instead. Making this film has been interesting. I would love to make more documentaries and hopefully then avoid the numerous mistakes I have made in this one.

Day 2

Day 2 of editing. My skills with Final Cut Express have improved and the hotkeys are being used to their full extent. “command” z is still the most important tool in this entire process. I have reached 8 minutes on the documentary and thus I have realized that the 10 minute limit on the film will pose a serious problem.

Also. The Guardian had an interesting article about the rising number of homeless people in the UK. The article criticises the NHS for their attitude towards homeless people and how the NHS’s system of offering therapy to people with addiction problems is counterproductive.

“About 70% of people who use homelessness services have mental health problems, and many self-medicate with alcohol or drugs.” 

“People are not accepted because they use drink or drugs. Clearly they do need to be referred for therapy, so it’s not good enough to say, ‘Go away and clean yourself up,’,” said the confederation’s mental health network director, Steve Shrubb.”

Through my talks with Tony and other homeless people around Canterbury, the problems of getting help as a homeless person in canterbury are various. The most prominent problem however, revolves around the fact that communication between homeless people and the NHS is very difficult. Whilst homeless people may have a hard time scheduling a particular date and time, the NHS have such long waiting lists that for a homeless person to commit to something several months in the future is not very realistic.

Link to article


Day 1 of editing. Youtube has become my best friend and my mentor. Big thanks to “nyvs” and “Dnoman56” for their tutorials and their patience when having to show me the same thing over and over again. Background noise however, seems to be too much of a challenge for Final Cut Express.


Imagine my surprise when I came to collect the HDD for the project and it was gone. Anyways, after filling out concession forms and having accepted that this project would never happen, the HDD returns. Somehow it had fallen behind the storing cupboard. Oh well, I got one day extension. Hurray.

Take 1

Alright. Figured it was about to do a first post. And what better way to start than to recap today’s workshop in the visual anthropology project. I spent the two hours importing files from when I filmed Tony, but just as it was about to finish, final cut express crashed on me and I lost everything. Oh well, I guess it is all part of the learning process. Note to self, SAVE ALL THE TIME